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Wednesday · 01/11/2017 · 18:18 · chs

Left handed player from Paris Saint-Germain to Saint Raphael

Xavier Barachet
Photo: Ingrid Anderson-Jensen
Right before the start of the World Cup a transfer was published. Xavier Barachet will motve from Paris Saint-Germain to Saint Raphael, the former national player signed a contract for the next two years.

Xavier Barachet already played for Saint Raphael in the season 2013/14, before he played for Chambery and Atletico Madrid. In the national team he played together with Adrian Dipanda, together both will now the duo in the right backfield of Saint Raphael.

The left-handed player was not nominated for the World Cup in France, also this season was not easy for the 28 year old backfielder - up to now he just made six matches in the league and scored only one goal. In total he made 168 matches in the French LNH and scored 414 goals, most of them in the season 2010/11 as he scored 94 in the jersey of Chambery. Discuss directly in the forum!

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